Welcome Empaths, Starseeds, and Walk-ins!

Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a walk-in or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.


Yvonne Perry Practitioner of Light Codes

Yvonne Perry can help you learn to manage energy, understand personal ascension, access and anchor vibrations of higher realms, transmit your soul's unique frequency, and remember light language as a tool to create positive change in your life and the world.

Read about her coaching and activation services.


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Light Language Activation Class Nashville

Light Language Activation Workshop NashvilleJoin Yvonne Perry on September 12, 2015 for a fun-filled day basking in the energy of light language with others who are exploring this tool for healing and self-expression. This workshop presents an opportunity to experience the joy of light language through drumming, singing, intoning, and teaching. See Workshop Agenda.The language of light is helping us move more gracefully through the ascension process. It activates codes in the DNA, clears the … [More...]

Dragon Energy Sept 2015

September Light Language Video

Enjoy this blessing and transmission of love and grace in the language of light for the month of September 2015, given by Yvonne Perry. View the video below or see it along with previous month's blessings today!The language of light is sacred geometry that allows us to communicate directly with Source without the interference of the logical mind and its distorted thinking. Coming from the heart and mind of higher dimensions, light language activates codes to assist with healing and restoration … [More...]

Light Codes 2015 Class

Online Activation of Light Language

The online light language activation class held on August 26, 2015 was one of the best highlights of my entire month—and believe me I have had some wonderful highlights! There were 10 people on the call, which meant we got a chance to share our experiences and enjoy what each person had to offer to the group.The energy was amazing, each person contributing to the “pool” or frequency field that we played in for two hours. Humor, fun, and yet profound awakenings to a deeper experience of our … [More...]

Why Did Jesus Die?

Thoughts on Immortality

As I first began to ponder the ascension, I was drawn to consider why things currently on Earth die and why it is possible to shift our mindset to create physical immortality on this planet. Those who are psychically aware of other dimensions know that the soul is immortal and lives on in a spiritual body after the physical body dies. Like me, many others have interacted with the spirits of the “deceased” several times.I have a hard time believing that a benevolent creator would create death, … [More...]

Human Body Morphing into Crystalline Body

We are all concerned for the future of our planet and what might happen to humans as we are on this evolutionary process toward higher consciousness. I have felt for many years that our physical bodies are changing or adjusting to handle the frequencies of higher realms and to carry a higher quotient of light. This process when it is complete will produce a light body or crystalline structure that does not easily succumb to sickness or injury.Many people who are being affected by cosmic … [More...]

Staying in the Body

Staying in the Body to Ascend in Consciousness

It is not uncommon to continue to experience episodes of dissociation after having a near-death experience, a walk-in, or an energy download. However, it is very important to stay in the body after such a blast of energy in order to anchor the faster vibrating energy and function as a spirit in a human body. Yet, this is one of the greatest challenges for a new walk-in.In general, we ignore many kinesthetic sensations and this puts us on autopilot and disconnects us from our bodies. That … [More...]


Light Language Workshop Nashville, TN

Light Language Activation Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee Join Yvonne Perry on September 12, 2015 for a fun-filled day basking in the energy of light language with others who are exploring this sound therapy tool for healing and self-expression. See Workshop Agenda . . . The language of light is helping us move more gracefully through the ascension process. It activates codes in the DNA, clears the energy field, reprograms mental and emotional patterns, and aligns frequencies that allow the … [More...]

Transitioning to Higher Realms

Ascension and the Shift

The terms oneness and awakening are being used interchangeably for the spiritual evolutionary process referred to as “ascension” or the shift. Conscious evolution involves anchoring the higher self or energy frequencies of higher realms into the physical body. This means the fragmented parts of our soul are coming home for integration with the rest of our soul essence. This is occurring in the midst of some huge changes on Earth.The expansion and acceleration of Earth’s vibration has been … [More...]

Journey in the Light

New Light Language Audios Available

I have created three new MP3s of light language to bring greater awareness of your wholeness and authentic self.Journey in the LightFrom past lives to future selves, we are integrating all the expressions of our divinity in all incarnations and dimensions as we remember our wholeness. Time as we know it is being experienced in a circular fashion in which everything is NOW. The past, the present, and the future are all the same--just different expressions of your soul's consciousness.This … [More...]