Welcome Empaths, Starseeds, and Walk-ins!

Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a walk-in or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.


Yvonne Perry Practitioner of Light Codes

Yvonne Perry can help you learn to manage energy, understand personal ascension, access and anchor vibrations of higher realms, transmit your soul's unique frequency, and remember light language as a tool to create positive change in your life and the world.

Read about her coaching and activation services.


Path to AscensionFind books, e-books, audios, workshops, online classes that have a relevant message for people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and move through difficult situations, and embody higher consciousness required for spiritual growth.

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Light Language Sigils

Heavenly Earth

Can we experience heaven on earth? Can there be a heavenly earth? Perhaps it is a matter of perspective and letting go of what is expected. We've been in our heads too much and not allowing our hearts to express love because we are afraid of others. A transmission in light language can help attune and open our heart to others.Light language art and the spoken and written codes of light language can bring information in the form of a download or knowing, shining new insight on how we understand … [More...]

Yvonne Perry Teaching

Light Language Workshops in USA

Have you been hoping to attend a workshop where you may experience light language through drumming, singing, intoning, dancing, gesturing, and writing galactic codes? Yvonne Perry will be traveling to several cities this year to do group teaching and light language activation. Personal ministry will be offered to help participants integrate aspects of their multidimensional soul for a unified expression of the highest self. "The language of light is helping us move more gracefully through the … [More...]

What is a Walk-in?

What is a Walk-in?

Hannah Beaconsfield, the author of Welcome to Planet Earth, refers to the walk-in phenomenon as “spirit replacement” and likens it to a long-running Broadway show in which the leading actors play out their contracts and are then replaced by other actors. The new actors bring their particular qualities to the parts and there are some changes, but the “show goes on.”While the walk-out soul is taking its final bow, the walk-in soul is arranging for its debut. More than likely this partner soul has … [More...]

Machine World Light Codes

Intercession to Heal the Machine World

I have added another free audio to my light language audio collection for spiritual growth. "Intercession to Heal the Machine World" was recorded with Veronica O’Grady at Local Living Farms in Columbia, Tennessee.While listening, please envision a quiet world in which machines, electronic devices, and technology are used for the good of all and not to harm others or the Earth.Download the MP3 file . . .  Love from Yvonne Perry … [More...]

Light Language Radio Activation

Light Language Activation on Radio Show

I was Pattie Welek Hall's guest on Joy Radio on Blog Talk Radio July 15th and I think you will enjoy the topic and the light language activation I did on the air. It is to help clear the throat chakra for fuller expression of your authentic self. If you are wondering what light language is you will enjoy our talk on this topic.  Pattie and I also discussed the planetary, physical, emotional, and mental changes we are going through as we shift into purer dimensions of consciousness. Tingling in … [More...]

Healing the Waters of the Earth

Healing the Waters of the Earth

Water is our most important resource on Earth. Without it, none of us can live here. Here is a video by Yvonne Perry created for healing the waters of the Earth using the language of light.Set your intention while watching this video to . . .Purify and heal the waters of our planetTransmute detrimental energy of irresponsible human behavior Bring accountability and responsibility for honoring Mother Earth and keeping her waters safe and clean for everyoneEnforce laws that prevent pollution of … [More...]

Light Language Activation Paducah, KY

Light Language Activation Paducah, KY 

Join Yvonne Perry, author of Light Language Emerging, to experience light language through drumming, singing, intoning, dancing, gesturing, and sacred geometry writing inspired by the light. Personal ministry will be offered to help participants integrate aspects of their multidimensional soul for a unified expression of the highest self.This will be a fun-filled day of basking in the energy of light language with others who are exploring this tool for healing and self-expression. This … [More...]

Sensitivity after a Soul Exchange

Sensitivity after a Soul Exchange

The sensitivity to energy that some people feel is enough to keep them away from malls and other crowded venues where they pick up energy from others. Just imagine the sensitivity one might feel when a new soul comes into the body. This "braiding" of souls or exchange of souls is occurring more often that one might think. This walk-in soul may not know what has happened. They feel very different and have trouble understanding why folks on Earth are so unloving and unkind to one another; and why … [More...]

Finding Your Soul's Mission

Finding Your Mission in Life

Many people say they do not know what it is that they are here to do. Finding your mission is really quite simple. Your mission here is to stay connected to higher realms in order to anchor your soul's vibration. You are here to expand your consciousness while undoing the illusion of the matrix. How you earn a living while doing that is up to you.In order to keep your soul's vibration high, it is important to find a career that you are passionate about. If there is something that you desire or … [More...]