Welcome Empaths, Starseeds, and Walk-ins!

Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a walk-in or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.



Through her coaching and activation services, Yvonne Perry can help you learn to manage energy, understand personal ascension, access and anchor vibrations of higher realms, stay in your body, transmit your soul's unique frequency, and remember light language as a way to create positive change in your life and the world.


ResourcesYvonne’s books, e-books, audios, playshops, online classes, and public speaking engagements have a relevant message for people who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and move through difficult situations, and to embody higher consciousness required for spiritual growth.

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Recent Posts from the Blog

Freedom for All

One Nation Under Gods

As Memorial Day is here again and we begin our family cookouts, picnics, and other social gatherings to celebrate our freedom, I have a few thoughts to share. I'll begin with a question: "Are we citizens of only one nation? Are we one nation under God? Or, are we many nations under many gods?"It would be hard to find, in an average setting, an individual in the US that is 100% descended from the original inhabitants of this nation. Most Native Americans live on reservations where our … [More...]

Feelings versus Emotions

The Difference between Feelings and Emotions

It is very important to be able to distinguish the difference between emotions and feelings. Very simply put, emotions carry energetic signatures of the past, and are based on thoughts. Feelings are recognized through the physical body, and tell you what is going on for you in the present moment.Feelings and emotions can both have an effect upon your body and mind. Because they are rooted in some past experience, emotions try to rule your choices by reminding you of consequences, and keeping you … [More...]

Spiritual Trail Blazers

Walk-ins Increasing As We Ascend in Consciousness

The time is perfect for material about walk-ins to be shared because the number of people having sudden transformations and walk-in experiences is increasing daily. Some walk-ins are off-planet beings (they have lived in other star/planetary systems/dimensions) who are taking a human form for the first time, or the first time in a long time. These “new” souls need some basic understanding of the process in order to acclimate and get on with accomplishing the purpose for which they came to this … [More...]

Releasing the Inner Child

Can a Walk-in Release the Inner Child?

Can anyone release their inner child? The answer is both yes, and no. We can heal the wounded or misinformed inner child and release it from much of its suffering, but we cannot make it leave the body, nor would we want to. The inner child is part of the psyche/ego, without which there is no free will or choice.Part of the reason for being incarnated to experience enough "pressure" on the soul to help it expand into new levels of consciousness. The seemingly "negative" experiences we have on … [More...]

Walk-in Soul Exchange

Walk-ins Are Becoming More Common

A walk-in is a soul that has walked into an adult body rather than the body of an infant. The natal soul—the one that entered the body at the infant stage—normally walks out at the same time that a new soul walks in. The experience known as a walk-in is becoming more common. Unlike the possession that occurs when an Earthbound entity forces its way in uninvited, this exchange of souls is done with permission, and there are no hostile takeovers. Learn more about walk-ins.Fortunately, today’s … [More...]

Gaia's Abundant Love

Earth and Humanity are Affecting One Another

Because we are one, what we do to one person affects all of us. It also affects the Earth. As a living conscious being, Gaia feels our suffering and helps by continuously renewing her resources and provisions for our existence. We are affected by weather conditions as she attempts to balance and aright herself and undo the damage our careless actions are causing. Earth and humanity are affecting one another. Let's learn to move in sync with one another for best outcomes.How Human Energy Affects … [More...]

We Are 1 in Spirit Podcast

Light Language Podcast

Some of you may remember the podcast I started in 2006 in which I interviewed guest authors who had a pertinent spiritual message to offer my listeners. The shows were popular on iTunes and soon I started exceeding the bandwidth allotted in my plan with Audio Acrobat. Therefore, I stopped creating new shows and let things fall by the wayside.A couple of years ago I was led to host interactive group coaching calls that allowed my listeners to ask questions and receive answers in live time from me … [More...]


Song Stuck in My Head

I've got a song playing in my head. I was listening to a playlist that I had not heard in a while. I had the ipod on shuffle which provided some nice surprises, one of which was a Mariah Carey song that Carly Smithson performed marvelously on American Idol in 2008.For days afterward, “I Can't Live Without You” was on instant replay in the jukebox inside my head. Even though I love the song and Carly’s voice, I hated that particular line. To say that I can’t live without someone feels very … [More...]

Fairy Light Codes

The Language of Light Playshop

Have you ever spoken a language that you did not understand?Perhaps as a child, you had a secret language that only you and your close friend could speak. It used to be that we either ignored or “shushed” kids who spoke their pretend languages or mentioned their imaginary friends. Now we recognize that these little ones are interacting with their spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.Becoming as innocent as a child is a great way to find your voice and begin to live authentically. There is … [More...]