Welcome Empaths, Starseeds, and Walk-ins!

Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a walk-in or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.


Yvonne Perry Practitioner of Light Codes

Yvonne Perry can help you learn to manage energy, understand personal ascension, access and anchor vibrations of higher realms, transmit your soul's unique frequency, and remember light language as a tool to create positive change in your life and the world.

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happy Walk-ins

Happy Walk-ins Welcome

Everyone likes the convenience of walking into a place and getting instant service. We have walk-in medical clinics and walk-in hair salons where we can obtain services without having to wait. We walk into a restaurant and a server takes our drink order. A few minutes later we are sipping our favorite beverage, and our food comes to the table soon after. In the ideal world, our meals are free; but for now, let’s say the check comes without our having to remind the server to bring it or wait for … [More...]

Clearing Energy Imprints

Clearing Energy Imprints

 One of the biggest hurdles to overcome, after a walk-in or spiritually transforming event, is the process of clearing energy imprints of the previous soul from the cellular memory of the body. This is a process everyone on the planet must undergo, but walk-ins have a unique desire to “get it done” faster because we are here to cut a path and demonstrate a model that others can follow.Some people resist this process, which only serves to make it more difficult than it needs to be. We live in the … [More...]

Walk-in Angel

Walk-in Taking Place Over a Period of Time

Armine’s walk-in did not take place in one event or on one particular day, but rather over a period of time. Her full awakening started in May or June of 2011, but the process began in 1999 when she lost her dad. After witnessing his treatment in a traditional, fear-based medical setting, she started reading books, subscribing to alternative care magazines, and stopped going to doctors. She relied on home remedies and completely changed her lifestyle. In 2002, she found a lump in her throat and … [More...]

Downloads of energy

Downloads and Energy Impartation

Are you receiving energy transfers or downloads by being around others? There is such a thing as impartation of energy or spiritual anointing. This is also known as pitch matching or vibrational resonance.A fully-integrated person can gracefully carry accelerated frequencies from higher dimensions, maintain his or her personal space (about 18-24 inches surrounding the body), and hold a field of energy to help others ascend in consciousness. People can sometimes feel the energy of love emanating … [More...]

Walk-in Community

Finding Community with Other Walk-ins

In my interaction as a coach to walk-ins, and my conversations with other walk-ins, most mention a profound change they experienced and can reference an event or period of time in their lives when they began to feel different. Yet, many cannot explain it to themselves, much less try to relate the experience to others. Most do not have friends with whom they can share this strange event. Therefore, there is a need to establish a connection with like-minded people who can support those who are on … [More...]

Nature Communication

How Our Guidance Speaks to Us through Nature

We tend to think that we have to see with our pineal gland or third eye in order to know what is going on in other realms or to receive guidance. I feel that it is time for us to recognize our multi-sensory abilities and not lean too heavily upon any one of our senses.We are moving into a phase where we are becoming less dependent upon what we can see with our spiritual eyes in order to discern or get spiritual information. Lessons and teachings are all around us in everyday life, and nature is … [More...]

Codes of Light Language

Light Codes and Sigils

There is a new intuitive (unlearned) language awakening in many people who are on a path to self-mastery. This language can be produced verbally through singing, toning, speaking or chanting. It carries codes that can be delivered through gestured or danced prophetic movents. It can be created through art or written light codes or sigils. The participants in Yvonne Perry's light language activation classes are known to awaken or activate several or all of these expression of soul codes."What a … [More...]

Bridging the gap between humans and galactic beings

Galactic Walk-ins Activating Light Language

Part of the work that walk-ins are here to do is to restore communication between humans and galactic beings. We do this as we begin to connect with our divine source within our Sacred Heart, maintain and keep our personal energy field clear of emotional or mental debris that disrupts the cellular communication of the body. Due to its telepathic codes and frequencies, light language is an integral part of this communication network.There is a level of supernatural speaking known as a light … [More...]

Expanding Light Language

Expanding Light Language Frequencies

Being in the energy of others who are expressing genuine love can do wonders for expanding light language frequencies.Conscious-con 2015 was amazing to say the least! Plans are to have this become an annual event and I am looking forward to participating again and again.I witnessed and experienced a great amount of love in those few days with people I just met--they are my soul family. I was highly activated as I allowed Spirit to flow through me to bless others.  My neck and throat cramped the … [More...]