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Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a walk-in or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.



Yvonne can help you learn to manage energy, understand ascension symptoms, integrate cosmic energy after a soul shift, and activate light language through her coaching and activation services.

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Recent Posts from the Blog

Swirling Light Codes

Light Language Going Mainstream!

It used to be that I would feel the need to give an explanation before allowing the language of light to come out in a conversation--especially in a public setting. But now, light language is going mainstream!  I think my former hesitation about sharing the languages came from my church days when there were rules and regulations placed upon the use of the gift of speaking in tongues. If light language is delivered in a loving and gentle manner and without an egoic expression of trying to force … [More...]

Light Codes DNA

Language of Light DNA Activation of Kundalini

DNA is affected or activated by light codes which can come to you in myriad of ways. Once you have "triggered" kundalini energy, the process continues for the rest of your life. That is because it begins to shift your DNA into alignment with your higher or more authentic self. Many times the kundalini energy is triggered during a near-death experience or dark night of the soul. Light language is another way that these DNA activation codes are delivered and kundalini is awakened.  Whenever we … [More...]

Sexual Healing Meditation

Meditation for Healing Sexual Trauma

All of life's experiences are recorded in the Akashic records. Trauma and abuse of any kind is stored in the cellular memory of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The codes delivered in this 30-minute video meditation for healing sexual trauma helps to release and transmute the detrimental energy from the body, subtle bodies, and electromagnetic field. They also have the ability to re-script the Akashic records whereby all that remains of the experience are the lessons that the soul … [More...]

Hot Source

Do You Want Some Hot Source?

Yes, I want some Hot Source! We all do. What if I told you it's already inside of you and it just needs activating? Do you want to hear a really cool song that will get your energy soaring and help you acknowledge the kundalini "heat" you carry with you as part of your soul's essence.  You got it! Justine Jade released a powerfully techo-style song that contains Tibetan chanting, didgeridoo, and a layer of erotic love frequency! You will hear Yvonne Perry speaking light language on this … [More...]

Audios for Empaths

What is an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person?

We hear a lot of talk these days about being highly sensitive. What are these people sensitive to? What is a highly sensitive person (HSP)? We call these highly sensitive people empaths.  What is an empath? We are all born with the ability to tap into another person’s energy field to receive impulses, perceive intention, or project our thoughts and influence on others. Even though you may not recognize this ability as a psychic skill, you’ve probably “felt” someone else’s energy. For example, … [More...]


Altering DNA through Light Language

The language of light is an effective tool that can be used for accelerated spiritual growth during this time of expanding realities. Also known as light language, this verbally expressed sacred geometry contains frequencies that can activate what scientists have termed as "junk DNA."  The following quoted material is excerpted from Light Language Emerging by Yvonne Perry. "The original discovery of DNA showed our genes were fixed and unchanging, and that they controlled our physical … [More...]

Soul Fragment Retrieval

Ascension and Soul Fragmentation

When a person is abused or traumatized, part of their soul can fragment or go into hiding where it feels safer. Sometimes the soul fragment attaches to other souls or soul fragments. Fragmentation opens the lamenting soul to be influenced by other spirits that can attach to the auric field or body of the abused one. Sometimes a more evolved aspect of the soul or a member of the soul group or monad walks in to help the remaining soul to stay intact. These loving beings who act like placeholders … [More...]

Fairy Tree Garden

The Bird Tribes and Light Language

I became interested in the bird tribes when began speaking a light language that mimicked birds chattering or calling to one another. Light language is a form of conscious union between the higher realms and the earth plane. It is a coding of sacred geometry that anchors the vibration of higher dimensions into manifest form. Hear a sample of light language . . . A few months ago I read Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey. Recently, I learned that the language of light is spoken by the bird … [More...]

Burning Away Old Patterns

Soul Activations and Spiritual Downloads

What Are Soul Activations and Spiritual Downloads? As you move along on your path to ascension you may receive a download of spiritual information or a vibration of higher truth that causes you to question your current truth. These downloads are similar to how a computer updates its software or operating system. Spiritually, this occurs as the body is able to receive, anchor, integrate, and function with the vibration of the monad, oversoul, and advanced versions of your soul.   There has to … [More...]

Light Language Playshop

Light Language Playshop in Nashville, TN

Would you like to be activated in light language? Do you desire fellowship with others who speak the language of light? Join Yvonne Perry on March 28, 2015 for teaching (circle style) and a chance to experience the joy of light language through drumming, singing, intoning, dancing, and making art inspired by the light within us. We will be offering activation for spiritual gifts and demonstrating light language as a tool for restoration and ascension. This powerful event, packed full of fun, … [More...]