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Are you a highly sensitive person here to anchor consciousness from higher dimensions?
Are you integrating a soul aspect or seeking help to move forward after a soul exchange?
You may benefit from ascension coaching with author and light language coach Yvonne Perry.



Yvonne can help you learn to manage energy, understand ascension symptoms, integrate cosmic energy after a soul shift, and activate light language through her coaching and activation services.

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ResourcesYvonne’s books, e-books, MP3 audios, playshops, and online classes have a relevant message for people who are ready to move through the next gateway of ascension and spiritual growth.

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Recent Posts from the Blog

Burning Away Old Patterns

Soul Activations and Spiritual Downloads

What Are Soul Activations and Spiritual Downloads? As you move along on your path to ascension you may receive a download of spiritual information or a vibration of higher truth that causes you to question your current truth. These downloads are similar to how a computer updates its software or operating system. Spiritually, this occurs as the body is able to receive, anchor, integrate, and function with the vibration of the monad, oversoul, and advanced versions of your soul.   There has to … [More...]

Light Language Playshop

Light Language Playshop in Nashville, TN

Would you like to be activated in light language? Do you desire fellowship with others who speak the language of light? Join Yvonne Perry and Vic Singer March 28, 2015 for teaching (circle style) and a chance to experience the joy of light language through drumming, singing, intoning, dancing, and making art inspired by the light within us. We will be offering activation for spiritual gifts and demonstrating light language as a tool for restoration and ascension. This powerful event, packed … [More...]

Light Language Art - Fluid Motion

Light Language and Speaking in Tongues

Is Light Language the Same Thing As Speaking in Tongues? This language of the soul is also known as light language, galactic language, star language, cosmic language, or angel language, as well as praying, speaking, or uttering in unknown tongues. This latter term, however, has a stigma attached to it due to religions that have demonstrated the practice in such a bizarre and fantastical fashion. The ability to communicate with Source and not have interference from the logical mind can be very … [More...]

Photo of Solar Flare

Solar Flares Causing Nervousness? Light Language Can Help

Are you having sudden, temporary, or unexplained vertigo? The light language in this video could help. Many people have been experiencing vertigo as their bodies are exposed to the energy of higher dimensions. Several people have reported this to me when we are accessing other dimensions of reality, which seems to be the case whenever enlightened people gather for prayer, meditation, drumming,  or activities that raise the vibration of the atmosphere. We are actually bringing the frequency of … [More...]

Change is Good

Does Truth Change Us, or Do We Change Our Truth?

Personal Beliefs and Values Change with Spiritual and Emotional Maturity As you expand your consciousness, you may find that what you once believed as infallible and indisputable truth is not so infallible any more. We open to new experiences. New information, both from our internal guides and from scientific discoveries, alters our view of reality. In the days of Christopher Columbus, people thought the world was flat. See how "truth" changes when more information becomes available?  In my … [More...]